• Genuinely irresistible local products

    We recognize people have individual tastes and preferences, and there’s no “one size fits all,” especially with gift boxes. We identified a wasteful nature in traditional gift baskets often containing items that end up sitting on shelves for months. Therefore, all of our gift boxes offer a fully customizable option to suit the recipient’s personal needs. We carefully curate our vendor list to reflect the most high quality and irresistible products the Island has to choose from. Our goal is to provide customers with a gift that will be FULLY appreciated from start to finish.

  • Uniqueness of Gift Boxes over Gift Baskets

    Something else we observed is that traditional gift baskets often contain extensive packaging with no practical use after the fact, oftentimes ending up on shelves for months, and eventually landfills. Gift boxes have become increasingly popular over gift baskets for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is their uniqueness. Unlike gift baskets, which often contain a hodgepodge of items, our gift boxes are carefully curated to create an experience for the recipient with a sleek and attractive appearance, while minimizing waste.

  • The perfect gift for anyone, on any occasion

    Finally, we realize it can be tough shopping for that person who seems to have *everything.* This often results in gifts that again, end up on shelves. When you send the gift of Vancouver Island in a Box, you’re sending local, irresistible goodies that will be used and thoroughly enjoyed. Vancouver Island in a Box is the perfect gift idea for anyone who has a connection to the Island, on any occasion.